Why I am Building Itara? 

Context: Itara is my first product as an indie founder that I ideated and refined over the last 3 years. This is the story about why I chose to Build Itara


I believe a story is never complete without the 'Why'. So, I thought of sharing why I left several things behind to build Itara in the first place.

But before I begin, let's go through some points together:

  • Everyone’s looking for a better ‘job’ or ‘opportunity’ around us

  • Top entrepreneurs talking about the lack of industry readiness among graduates

  • Hype and glamourization around startup funding/launching your own business

  • Online coaches selling courses and memberships that teach how to get rich for as low as 499/—

  • Most job goers (freshers and even long time careerists) feel burned out all the time.


Is it reminding you of something? Well, sure! It's the situation around us.

We can start a conversation around any of the 5 points above instantly wherever we go.

Do you know what's all that leads to?

A dark, directionless future where everyone is just living one day at a time, paycheck to paycheck. Without any goal, ambition or direction.

Ultimately, no happiness for a person and no value-addition to the world! (No wonder we have had so little innovation in the last three decades).

I have long believed that an idea backed with the proper roadmap can change lives.

You must have seen advertisements, commercials, movies, and motivational videos around it.

We all want to be our bosses — I, you, and everyone you know. But rarely do we take the leap of faith and start working on it.


Do you know why?

We live in a world where information is free-flowing. But not all information is helpful. It happens with all of us — we’re constantly drowning in information overload.




I know how it is — no one tells us the exact route, and Google is sometimes misleading. Even for the ones who have been living with Google all their lives. Just think of the promising ideators who don't have access to the right resources, information, tools, or capital in small towns and cities in India.

With Itara, I want to give the power in your hands to execute all those ideas by providing practical, actionable, and contextual information. I want to make your business idea fly — whether you’re thinking of launching a product, side project, or a full-fledged business or startup.

I want you to launch your first business using a focused roadmap (that’s Itara) about what to do and more importantly, what not to do.

You'll save a lot of time and money on your entrepreneurial journey with directional support (supported by an actionable roadmap).

You'll create a fulfilling project or a business that you'll feel proud and happy about. You'll build meaningful (and rewarding) work profile for yourself first of all, and then for others.



That's what drives me to work on Itara.


For the last three years, I have been working on bringing Itara to life — creating a system that can help anyone, irrespective of where they are, to find the right strategy, roadmap, and tools to build, improve and grow their business.


Coming back to the 'Why', I'd say:


I want to bring some order to the chaos — working on something you really want to do for a lifetime. I'd been doing this for quite some time — helping people pick up and launch their shelved projects, but I wanted to create a structure, framework, toolkit (whatever you may call it) that anyone could use.

If not for the whole world or India, for the select few like yourself who want to build and launch their first startup without getting confused in the process. I have faced struggles myself, have seen solopreneurs struggle with the smallest of problems and seen promising talent give up on their product idea too early just because they couldn't find the right direction or roadmap.


I don't want you to face what I saw and experienced.

With Itara, I am fighting the algorithms that have started to misguide more than they guide (be it on social media or search engines). I know it's a big ask for someone who's just been there in the industry for eight years. But a man can wish. Right?


After all, Dashrath Manjhi literally broke down a mountain all alone.

So why can't I wish to change the way we think about starting a business and create success stories in the process?

I'll soon share more information about Itara — what will you get with Itara (apart from just tools), how it's different, and how it will help you fulfil your dream.

Just give me some time to make sure everything I share is beneficial for you. Sabr ka fall meetha hi hota hai. You know, right?

Till then, don't give up on your idea and that one dream of launching your own product one day!

Anmol (Creator, Itara)